Nate Meder

Nate Meder

CF Level 1 Trainer

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About Coach

Name: Nate Meder Born: Minnesota Raised: Wisconsin Education: B.S. in Communications from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire Family: Married for 17 years to Erin Meder; Father to one 15-year-old daughter; have 2 dogs I was raised in Northwest Wisconsin, active in many sports, but primarily basketball and golf. After graduating High School, I attended and obtained an undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. After college, I worked in retail management for 8 years, then took a supervisor role with health insurer United Healthcare. After 10 years with United Healthcare, I took a Director role with Anthem Insurance, where I currently work. My fitness story…very active in organized sports growing up, focused primarily on basketball. I was a first-team all-conference athlete as well as making a lower-tier all-state team. Once in college, however, I focused less on athletics and more on social activities. I remained in intramural sports (e.g. basketball, flag football, etc), but it was limited. After college and obtaining that first post-collegiate job and getting married, athletic activity came to a crawl. After 15 years, of trying and failing many times to stick to an athletic routine, I found CrossFit in the winter of 2018. The rest is history… I fell in love with CrossFit!

Turning Point

My CrossFit story…I have been in the CrossFit world now for 4 years, the last 2 at CrossFit FirePit. I like CrossFit because of what it does for me mentally more than physically. Sure, the physical improvement is fun…amazing really when I look back at how I started vs now, but the mental aspect, knowing and sharing an accomplished goal with others, while understanding the difficulties it took to achieve, is something I will always be attracted to. What I find intoxicating about CrossFit is that we’re all at different levels, but we don’t care…we push each other to accomplish those personal goals (e.g. you vs you) and when you finish a workout that you thought there was no way…damn that’s fun.

Motivation & Passion

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