Brittany Cress

Brittany Cress

CF Level 1 Trainer

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CF Level 1 Trainer (CF- L1)

CrossFit Kids Certification

About Coach

After attending college at Appalachian State, Brittany and her husband, Joseph. Moved to Seattle with their newborn daughter back in 2014. After living in the PNW for over 5 years, they decided to move back to their roots in North Carolina. Brittany and her family enjoy spending time together, having tons of laughs, and having a good time. Brittany found her passion for CrossFit in 2022 when she first walked the doors of CrossFit FirePit.

Turning Point

Brittany’s turning point came after being a gestational surrogate for a family. Her health had declined from a rough pregnancy and she wanted to find a way to get fit and stay active and healthy. She came to CrossFit FirePit in 2022 and instantly fell in love! So much so, that she dragged her husband into the gym with her. Now both she and her husband are active in the gym and love to help others find their calling in CrossFit!

Motivation & Passion

Brittany’s motivation comes from her family and friends. She strives for the best that she can be, and loves to ensure others feel the same! Brittany is one of our Children’s CrossFit Coaches, being able to help the next generation learn a passion for sport is a passion of Brittany’s.

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