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CrossFit in Greensboro, CrossFit Weight Training in Greensboro


CROSSFIT is Constantly Varied Functional Movements Administered at High Intensities
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Cross Training and Conditioning in Greensboro, Weight Training in Greensboro

Strength & Conditioning

In these classes we focus on traditional free weight lifting that builds on functional movements and increases power. Along with Strength building lifting components we also incorporate metabolic workouts that build upon each individuals strength, cardiovascular, mobility, and agility levels.
Olympic Weightlifting in Greensboro

Olympic Weightlifting

This Olympic lifting course is designed for those who want to improve upon their basic foundational movement and lifting skills, or are interested in the sport of Olympic lifting for fun, competition or in preparation for other sports.
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MetCon Class

METCON CLASS promises to BRING THE HEAT..needed to help you TRIM, TONE, TRANSFORM your body! It's the home of the T3 EXPERIENCE! It's a FUN and EXCITING....TOTAL BODY FITNESS EXPERIENCE! It is called THE FIRE PIT for a reason!
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Massage Therapy / Acupuncture / Nutritional Store

The ILF Wellness Center is focused and determined to help teach & lead people into a sound holistic lifestyle that promotes health & wellness like no other found in Greensboro NC.
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Nutrition Consultation in Greensboro


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