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Spartan “OCR” “SGX” Class

Endurance and functional body training designed specifically for the enhancement of living and also successful obstacle completion with course readiness. If you have ever wanted to try out an obstacle course race, this is the class and training you need!


Jennifer Lynn grew up in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA. She attended Seton Hill University on a basketball scholarship and graduated with a B.S. in Elementary Education. Jennifer loves fitness, mountain trail running, and coaching others on the benefits of exercise, eating natural foods for fuel and hydration. In 2016 she discovered Spartan Racing but quickly learned that successful racing requires a different style of training than the traditional strength training program she was using. After collaborating with other successful OCR athletes, obtaining 2 personal and OCR training certificates, racing at many different venues, and competing on many terrains… Jennifer began to write her own programming and training others. Jennifer not only had success qualifying for Spartan Elite World Championships and Spartan Elite Ultra Championship, she has coached 2 clients who have qualified in their age group for the North American Championship . Her goal is to empower everyone who steps into her class and help them meet their fintess goals on and off the course.


  • Spartan SGX Coach
  • 2017 Spartan Elite World Championship
  • 2018 Spartan Elite Ultra World Championship
  • 2017,2018 North American Spartan Elite Championships
  • 2018 4th Place Spartan Ultra Breckinridge
  • 2018 24 HR World’s Toughest Mudder Elite Contender
  • 2016,17,18 Spartan Trifectas

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