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Many people say they can’t do CROSSFIT or they are scared of CROSSFIT.
Let me help you understand what CROSSFIT is!!!!


“Constantly Varied Functional Movements Administered at High Intensities”

Broken Down……

Constantly Varied

Which simply means that exercises are never the same or repetitive. Much like LIFE…. you never have the same day twice!!!

Functional Movement

These are movements that ALL HUMANS do everyday but programmed within a workout. Ex. stand up, squat down, bend over, lift above head….. picking stuff off floor, putting stuff on a shelf

High Intensity

This means that all training or exercises are presented at the level of the person’s experience or ability level. This specific training helps people gradually become stronger and more fit in their total body.

NOW…. YOU CAN DO CROSSFIT! Some do CrossFit to compete, Some do CrossFit to get strong or in better shape…. BUT ALL DO CROSSFIT to increase their ability to live healthier and more satisfying lives! IT IS A SPORTS SCIENCE APPROACH NOT A BOOT CAMP!!!!

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NOW COME EXPERIENCE…. the most fun you will ever have sweating!!!!

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