Laura O’Byrne

Laura O’Byrne

Yoga RYT / CF Level 1

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* CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

* NASM Personal Trainer

* TRX Certified

* PN1 Exercise Nutrition Coach

* Gymnastics Certified

* RYT 200 Certified, Yoga Alliance

About Coach

I grew up in Pleasant Garden, NC, and live in Greensboro, NC, with my husband, Michael, and 2 of our 3 boys. After many years of trying diets and gadgets that just did not work, I started a personal quest in fitness to find my magic. I offer a fast-paced, fun, and challenging yoga practice. I believe there is a time to meditate and chill in Yin Yoga to stretch as well as a time to ramp it up with a blast of traditional and some funky poses that complement an athlete’s training experience in other areas. You don’t need experience. It isn’t always quiet. You don’t have to be good before you start. As in all things, we are always learning! Come ready for a challenge with a positive attitude and an “I am ready NOW” mindset!

Turning Point

Since starting personal training a few times a week, I fell in love with training in the gym. From there, I began CrossFit, and it was so effective and addictive, I decided to pursue my own certification as a Personal Trainer and a CF-L1. I loved what was happening finally to my body and my mind, but something was still missing. YOGA! Over the past year, I began Yoga teacher training to deepen my knowledge of what has become the final piece to my peace. I spent well over 200 hours outside of personal practice in order to bring Yoga to the FirePit!

Motivation & Passion

I work closely with individuals to create a plan for mind, body, and soul. You can love yourself, love how you feel, have energy for whatever life throws at you, and know that because you are working hard now, later will also be amazing.

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