Catherine Parker

Catherine Parker

CF Level 2

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* CrossFit Level 1

* Masters in Nutrition

* CrossFit Nutrition Certified

About Coach

I have been active pretty much all of my life. Growing up I mainly danced and was involved in high school cheerleading. In my early 20s I became heavily involved in the sport of rock climbing and mountaineering. I loved the challenges it brought, especially the long climbs. I have climbed several famous mountains including Mt Rainier, El Capitan, and Huayna Potosi to name a few. Once I became a mother of three, the dangerous expeditions of rock climbing became too much. I then turned to competitive tennis which I played throughout my thirties and early 40s. Around the age of 47, I decided I needed something better for my body. Tennis was taking a toll on my hips. That’s when I was invited to try out CrossFit. The rest is history! I fell in love with the training! It was everything I needed and wanted from exercise wrapped up into one package! Other than the required rest on Sundays I believe I have attended a CrossFit class of some sort almost every day! I know I am in the best shape of my life! I feel like I have found my true love of fitness through CrossFit and the CrossFit community! When I am in the gym I can be ME, and I love that!

Turning Point

In 2019 I received my CrossFit Level 1 Certification at CrossFit Mayhem under Rich Froning. It was an incredible experience. Mat Frasier was even there doing one of the open WODs. It just couldn’t have been cooler. I earned a BBA in Business Administration and Marketing from Radford University in Virginia where I graduated Cumlaude. To further my passion and knowledge for nutrition I earned a Master's Degree in Nutrition from Hawthorn University in Whitethorn Ca. and also obtained a certification in nutrition through CrossFit Education. It is a true passion of mine to help people know and understand why eating for a healthy sustainable life is beneficial. My favorite saying is, “eat to live, not live to eat”. Proper Foods act as fuel, and you need good whole foods to drive you through those WODs! Come see me.

Motivation & Passion

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